Magu: Reports linking Osinbajo to stolen EFCC billions another PDP Dubai strategy by fake news merchant Jackson Ude – BOSF

Magu: Reports linking Osinbajo to stolen EFCC billions another PDP Dubai strategy by fake news merchant Jackson Ude – BOSF

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Jackson Ude, a fake news merchant, PDP Dubai Strategist and partisan hack is in the news again, making fictional claims about fake revelations regarding the ongoing investigation into the activities of the Ag. EFCC Chairman. His claims that Magu gave money to the Vice President is not only an irresponsible lie, but a concocted move that continues a long running smear campaign against Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

Ude, who worked as Media Aide under the PDP Jonathan Presidency is determined to tarnish the enviable image and steerling reputation of the Vice President ahead of 2023. He will use any and all opportunities his devious mind sees to achieve that. While he claims knowledge of ongoing Magu investigation, the truth is that Ude has no information whatsoever neither is he connected to any credible source that might hint him about goings on.

His past records of Fake News are enough to nail this partisan operative whose mindless and baseless reporting are becoming legendary.

This is why we, nationwide members of the Buhari Osinbajo Solidarity Front, (BOSF) have decided to call out this shadowy and despicable character called Jackson Ude, as a fraud, mercenary and paid political hireling.

Since Ramon Olorunwa Abbas aka Hushpuppi was linked to PDP leaders, people like Ude and his paymasters have been desperate to divert attention. Pictures of Hushpuppi and PDP leaders like Atiku Abubakar, Yakubu Dogara, Dino Melaye among others leaked after the failed Dubai strategy of the 2019  presidential election.

The current vexations against Prof. Osinbajo, (a man a widely admired across all section of Nigeria and who many Nigerians have come to respect and admire) is part of an unending desperation of political interests, fearful of another round of defeat from the hands of Nigerians come 2023.

BOSF totally dismisses the claims by Ude that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was mentioned like he claimed during a Presidential Panel grilling of the boss of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu.

Jackson Ude is nothing but a fake news merchant and a fraud. He has a long history of spreading falsehood and lies against people with the aim of blackmailing them for money.

On the allegation levelled against Magu, it is on record that the EFCC chairman never mentioned the Vice President’s name and that all the news by Ude was concocted. Not only is he not close to the proceedings, he lacks credibility of any kind.

Here are a few catalogues of some of the fraudulent activities and lies by Ude:

*Not many remember that this element called Ude once tried to dupe former Finance Minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala after threatening to publish fake news about her ownership of a billion naira mansion in Abuja using Chinua-Ogwu, a dismissed police officer to perpetuate his criminal act.

So this is not the first time Ude will claim an authoritative source gave him an information. It was a lie then and he is still an active liar. 

*Ude also once claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari and late Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, were secretly flown out of Nigeria for COVID-19 treatment. 

He tells this lies with a straight face and after each and every of his lies are exposed, he keeps silence for a while and then comes back with a new salacious offering. Nigerians have come to realise his folly and should pay no attention to this son of a gun!

*This element, Ude also once swindled Mrs Oyindamola Amuka (wife of Uncle Sam Amuka, Vanguard Publisher) of £20,000.00.

*He also once claimed via his Twitter account that former Lagos governor, Babatunde Fashola had been dropped from the list of ministers compiled by President Buhari.

*If that was not enough, he tweeted a picture and wrote categorically that the Central Bank Governor, Godwin Emefiele had been sacked.

There are countless more cases where he claimed an authoritative source told him this or that, revelling in hearsay as though he has any shard of credibility!

*He once claimed that the names of Custom and NPA bosses were among the ministerial nominees and in another instance that the leader of proscribed IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu is being detained inside Nigerian Navy war ship off coast in Bayelsa.

All were lies, he concocts from his Bronx, New York base, where we would now be seeking means to bring him to some accountability. We shall be making international contacts on the best strategies to properly and legally go after Ude and especially showcase him in the US as an illegal operative and fraudulent character.

Ude is a petty criminal and should be treated as one. We urge Nigerians to disregard this new Dubai strategy from a petty criminal like Ude, they are only trying to divert attention.

In the last two weeks, PDP leaders have been linked to Hushpuppi and they are desperate to deflect attention to something else, so they believe that mentioning Osinbajo is the right fake news strategy but they have failed.

The Vice President’s integrity is rock solid and no amount of fake news can undo his reputation. He built it over the years and has been described as an upright man all across the world.

BOSF calls on well meaning Nigerians to understand what is going on and ignore all fake and evil news designed to cause confusion and mislead.


Liberty Olawale Badmus

National Coordinator

Buhari Osinbajo Solidarity Front

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