BOSF Condemns The Action Of Unprofessional Media Houses And Fake News Purveyors.

BOSF Condemns The Action Of Unprofessional Media Houses And Fake News Purveyors.

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The shameful continued pace at which fake news is being targeted at the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo through unprofessional media houses and persons of no integrity is alarming. The recent retraction and apology to his excellency the vice president from one of such media houses calls to question the role of professionalism and investigative journalism in the Nigerian media.

The Buhari Osinbajo Solidarity Front (BOSF) frowns at the spate at which sponsored slander and libellous statements are freely paraded in the open space of the Nigerian media.

In the recent times, there have been unsuccessful attempts to soil the name and personality of the VP, a man who has dedicated his intellectual resources, time, will and strength in the service of the country, as the vice president. Unscrupulous individuals suspected to be sponsored by persons who have developed a phobia for the name and person of the vice president keep up the heinous work of dirty politicking which have been in vain.

These attempts will continue to be unsuccessful because His Excellency will remain focused on his job of national development and will always be vindicated on all spurious allegations.

In the spate of last few months, there have been accelerating rate of unfounded claims, lies, slander, and subterfuge against the Vice President, mostly as it relates to fraud. The Punch Newspaper, Vanguard Newspaper, The Sun Newspaper, Point Blank News and Business Day Nigeria have been acting as agents to shady individuals and organisations to achieve their shameful goals.

We are confident of the fact that these agents of fake news are paid and sponsored by those who think the VP is a threat to their 2023 ambitions, even where His Excellency has not mentioned it that he will be running for the Presidency!

We use this medium to clarify it to the organisations, individuals and unprofessional media houses ,that no-one can stop his excellency the Vice president should he eventually decide to run, as it is his constitutional right and choice to be made only by himself.

We however ask these elements to depart from the dirty politics they are playing and reach within themselves to find and initiate the workings of true moral values and sane ideologies to play politics, void of slander and assault on individual personalities.

BOSF will continue to vehemently resist and bring to the courts of the social media all nefarious individuals and media houses who continue in the direction of the promotion of fake news. They will not be spared.

BOSF respectfully asks His Excellency, the Vice President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo to pursue all legal means to bring these ill meaning elements to book with the full weight and penalties as prescribed by the law required of them. This is to serve deterrent to others like them

Freedom of the press is not a license for defamation of character, peddling of fake news, slander or libellous statements.

The BOSF reiterates her support for and solidarity with the Vice President, and the President Muhammadu Buhari led federal government. we shall continue to deploy our resources to fight elements of retrogression and keep our voices loud in propagation of good governance, the one the APC government is committed to.

Thank you.

Mr Liberty Olawale Badmus
National Chairman, BOSF

Directorate of Media and Publicity, BOSF

Saturday, 15 August, 2020

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