Buhari Osinbajo Solidarity Front Cautions Opposition Groups On Calculated Attempts To Discredit The Vice President

Buhari Osinbajo Solidarity Front Cautions Opposition Groups On Calculated Attempts To Discredit The Vice President

A sociopolitical group, Buhari Osinbajo Solidarity Front (BOSF) has caution members of the opposition groups in the country to seize from engaging in every acts to discredit and bring down the name of the Vice President of the Nigeria, Prof Yemi Osinbajo to mud.


The group led by its National Chairman, Mr Liberty Olawale Badmus acknowledged that opposition groups over the recent time has resolved to always build lies and transfer untrues on the Vice President  after they have found nothing wanting or suspicious about the president.


Mr Liberty noted that the Vice President shall remain an identity of good governance, service to the good people of Nigeria and loyalty to the present dispensation of the country.


“His Excellency Vice President is a gentleman, a visionary leader and of course someone who is driven by true vision and service to the good people of our country. It is too bad for opposition groups to tag him with nepotism and a bigot. The VP is far from being a person of that nature”


“To interest you, the Vice President on numbers of occasions has lectured us on reasons why we must continue to live as brothers and sisters as fellow countrymen and women. The VP is always concerned about the pains of Nigerians and way to serve them better, not their tribe, religion or maybe you come from Lagos or Yobe. That is what good governance should entail and that is what the vice president is doing”, Mr Liberty Badmus noted.


The group similarly addressed the attempt of the opposition groups to bring the Vice President in to the “unripe” 2023 political games, and noted the Vice President will not act that cheap.


“It is laughable and funny to say the vice president has kept quiet and mute about the treatment being meted on him. How on earth will some people sit in the comfort zones of their homes and choose to send unverified and untrue things to the public. We all know the power of social media, things go viral easily and there are little or no effort to verify the truths behind them”


“The Vice President I know will never go so cheap or decide to harbour injustice. The incitement about 2023 is very unripe and distracting. Oppositions are only trying to distract the VP but I can assure you he will not be distracted.”


“The Vice President is busy daily to justify his inclusion in this government and his constitutional duties as the Vice President, that is what he is doing, that is what is paramount to him now”, Mr Liberty Badmus noted.


He addressed forward that the vice president remain a loyal individual to the president and particularly to the country.


“I think it is not a crime anywhere on earth to have an hardworking and loyal vice president. Maybe because it has not happened before in Nigeria for us to have a vice president that is intelligent, brilliant and loyal to the president and the country.”


“It is uncalled for to submit that the president is making appointments for the vice and the VP have nothing to do to it. These are attempts to foil the good relationship between the president and the VP. The duo have a wonderful relationship together and that has never happened before in Nigeria”, – Mr Liberty Badmus said.


“Some of our people have been forced to call us and enquire about some things they keep hearing from foes of this government. All of which are untrue and engineered by hatred. We have listened to our people asking why the vice president is appointing some people as against some people. We are tasked to explain to them because the social media and her accompanying bad agents has distributed too much of lies.”


“The truth is, going deeply into the appointment details of the office of the vice president, he has been equitable, just and fair in making those appointments. The appointments cut across various devides of the country, there are Muslims, Christians, people from south, east and north.”


“The vice president is a Nigerian and a vice president of all Nigerians. He is not entertained by making choices above others, he appoint proficient hands to serve in the cabinet and of course serve Nigerians in those capacities”, BOSF national chairman addressed.


The BOSF group however advised Nigerians to shun opposition from feeding them with unreliable and unverified news that are capable of causing unrest and crisis in the country.


Mr Liberty said “let me advise the good people of this country, Nigeria is ours and not for some sects. Some groups can not gather somewhere and decide what we ear or listen to or believe. It is wrong. Nigerians should be watchful and careful of some opposition groups and people.”


“Opposition is expected to be responsible and sane, but it is quite unfortunate that the opposition we have in Nigeria is far beyond that standard. We only have opposition that is concerned about the president family matters and not how what the government is doing on infrastructure, health, education, social investment and others”


“Nigerians should please be careful of lies coming from them, let us be very careful. Let us ask questions and make our own findings. Many of these untrues are capable of causing fisticuffs and communal disorder, that we pray Nigeria do not witness any. Let Nigeria be driven with ideal of peace and unity to move forward”, Mr Liberty Badmus noted.

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